Sexual Disorders

Sexual Disorders

Sexual disorders have become one of the commonest disorders in today’s world. Sexual disorders not only put a lot of stress on the relationship but can also result in development of secondary psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety. Patients are often hesitant in taking treatment due to embarrassment and also often fall prey to quacks who cause more harm than good. The common sexual disorders include

Erectile dysfunction : It is characterised by inability to achieve or maintain erection required for sexual intercourse. It may result from disturbances of blood flow to the penis, neurological causes or in many cases, performance anxiety. Its important to properly evaluate the cause of erectile dysfunction and treat it. Taking over the counter medicines may help in the short term but does’t help in resolution of problem.

Premature ejaculation : It is the most common sexual disorder and is characterised by early ejaculation before the satisfaction of the couple.

Poor sexual desire : This may be present in both males and females and requires detailed evaluation to find the cause and subsequent treatment.

Female sexual disorders: A variety of female sexual disorders such as inability to achieve orgasm, pain during sex and low libido are commonly seen and needs evaluation and treatment to maintain sexual well being.

Sexual misinformation:There are a large number of myths about sexual functioning which includes myths about masturbation, pornography, size and girth of penis, misbeliefs about passage of semen in urine etc. If left unaddressed, these myths may adversely affect sexual functioning of an individual

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